Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Website Updated

Please visit our updated website in Severin's honor. www.severinbrenny.com

A Walk to Remember Occtober 18, 2008

I will be attending the "A Walk to Remember" event again this year in Ann Arbor, Michigan to in honor of our son Severin.

A Walk To Remember is a time for families, friends and staff to join with others who share a similar journey: A time to come together to honor hopes, dreams and memories. All are welcome to visit the Walk to Remember trees in this beautiful and peaceful preserve. It is open to the public from sunrise to sunset.

Anyone who has experienced miscarriage, death of a newborn or death of an infant, either personally or those wishing to offer support for a bereaved family member or friend is welcome. After some opening comments the group will then walk together into the Arboretum for the tree planting ceremony.